Bitcoin mining containers

Ready solution for cryptocurrency mining based on sea containers

Payback period: 200% per year, full legal and warranty support,
24/7/365 maintenance service and a legal exchange of currencies.

  • Invest $1,9 million
    Antminer S9 - 408 units
    Electricity 600 kWh
  • Invest $3,8 million
    Antminer S9 - 816 units
    Electricity 1200 kWh

We collect air samples for tests to detect the presence of suspensions, dust and gases. We identify the average temperature of the air for the year, presence and number of fogs, the amount of heavy rains and other precipitation, the seasons of winds.

All these actions are taken in order to ensure the uninterrupted and stable operation of the container and equipment on your site.

Sensors in a container collect data on humidity, temperature and pressure. The received data is transferred to the unique system of AI Trinity for processing. Trinity itself makes decisions, such as, control of blinds and air conditioners, adjustment of the inside temperature, increse or decrease the capacity of the miners.

Suitable for all
weather conditions

From -35 to +35 degrees during the snow, heat and rain.

Before installing, we carefully analyze location conditions.

The container can be used in harsh conditions, such as strong winds, fog, polluted air, near coal stations.

Depending on your situation, we offer 3 cooling options: a classic free-cooling container, a hybrid container, or an immersion cooling container.

Adaptation to location

We transport containers to the cheapest source of electricity or to countries with a favorable infrastructure for mining.

We create solutions for HPPs, coal factories, greenhouses, and windmills.

Free-cooling, immersion or water cooling.

Adapts to any type of equipment

Works on the Bitfury miners, on the Antminer S9, L3 + miners.
Each decision is unique in its own way.

We have found the cheapest sources of electricity in the world and set up special zones for mining. The container is protected 24/7/365. In case of an emergency, the customer support will be at the container in 5 minutes.

Place with
cheap electricity
around the world

With electricity 7 cents per kW including VAT.

The container is protected physically, legally, and financially.

Mobile container —
easy-to-use and safe

It’s expensive and risky to build a container on your own. Our solution will protect you from changes in legislation and escalating cost of electricity.

The container is easily transported
the world on request.


An application for investors that helps to monitor
the status of the container in real time.

All warranties from Trinity

We maintain the container, constantly upgrade the equipment, and repair the faulty equipment. Help with legal issues and financial management.

24 years’

Experience of the company in the field of IT and professional equipment.


We share the risks: we put the container and equipment on the balance of a new legal entity with 30/70 split in your favor.

12 months

We do not charge any fees from mined currency until the payback period is finished.


We do not charge any fees from mined until the payback period is finished.

Details can be discussed
at a personal meeting

Fill out the form and we will contact you to coordinate time and place of the meeting and test sample demonstration.
The price is $1,9 million.
~ 408 Units Antminer S9
~ Payback period:
200% per 13 month
The price is $3,8 million.
~ 816 Units Antminer S9
~ Payback period:
200% per 13 month
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