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Ready solution for cryprocurrency mining based on 20'FT and 40'FT sea containers. Payback period: 200% per year. Trinity responsibility zone: full legal and warranty support, 24/7/365 maintenance and a legal exchange of currencies.

20' FT


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Places with cheap electricity around the world



We transport containers to the cheapest source of electricity or to countries with a favorable infrastructure for mining. We create solutions for HPPs, coal factories, greenhouses, and windmills. Free-cooling, immersion or water cooling. We have found the cheapest sources of electricity in the world and set up special zones for mining. The container is protected 24/7/365. In case of an emergency, the customer support will be at the container in 5 minutes. With electricity 7 cents per kW including VAT. The container is protected physically, legally, and financially.

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